Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to enroll?

In order to enroll in Vision Forum, you need to follow the steps below. It isn't very complicated. You need your passport, your BA, MA or PhD diploma and a friend or neighbour. If you do it carefully, you will only have to do this once. If you do not do it properly, we cannot guarantee that you can participate in our events.

1a. You start by visiting this site.

1b. In the green search field you fill out your personal course code which is made up by 5 digits and a letter (XXXAXX). You will find your personal code here. If you do NOT find your name on the list, write an e-mail to Rudi on "info (at)" and he will help you.

1c. Select the course. It will now appear under 'my selection'. Below that you click on 'to application'. You will now be asked to create an account.

1d. You will have to tick the two boxes according to this. 'HE' means higher education, so you fill in which country you have received your BA, MA or PhD. (If you have a Swedish personnummer, you can stop reading here. It is very easy, just follow the instructions. If you want to apply in Swedish just click here.).

1e. You will also have to accept the application fee. Don't worry, if you have a EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship or are a permanent resident in Sweden, you will not have to pay anything - look here.

1f. You will also be asked to download a cover sheet which looks like this. Keep that pdf in a safe place.

. You will now receive 2 e-mails that look like this and this. You don't really have to read them. Just follow the description below.

2b. Make a xerox copy of your passport (this will ensure that you don't have to pay a fee). Get a friend to attest that the copy is correct. Simply write. 'Attestation: I certify that this is a true copy of the original document.' and the get the friend to sign it, write his her name clearly and add a telephone number and e-mail. Make sure that the copy, (address, name etc.) is legible and that the date of validity is clearly visible (This is particularly important if you use a french ID-card, where the validity is indicated on the back of the card - so you need to send and attest both sides). More information here.

3a. Make a xerox copy of your MA or BA diploma and get a friend to attest that the copy is correct (as in 2b above).

3b. If you have done projects before, you have received a pdf that outlines what you have done with VF before. Print this out.

4. Put the two (or three) copies along with the signed cover sheet in an envelope and send them to:

University Admissions in Sweden
FE 1, SE-833 83 Strömsund

You are almost done. Now, just one last thing.

5. Download this pdf. Print out it out. Date and sign it. 

(It is the correct form. it is very strangely formulated and what you sign is that you will inform the university if you decide to quit the course). 

Where it is indicated "Personal identification number" you fill out your date of birth.

Put it in another envelope and send it to:

att: Ulrika Sund
Campus Norrköping, ISAK - KSM
601 74 Norrköping

Now, some good news. Once you have done this you will not have to send any more papers to the university in the future!!!

Finally, if you have any questions, write Rudi on "info (at)".

Good Luck!!!