Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Invisible Generation publication is taking shape

Hello Everyone,

The Participants of The Invisible generation projects in Melbourne, Shenzhen, Beijing and Kiev are all waiting for Vision Forum's first publication that looks at the outcome of these magnificent projects. Editor Gerrie van Noord and designer Marie are working day and night on either side of the English Channel to get everything ready to send off to the printers after Christmas. Here are two unofficial samples of how it might look! For more documentation and info about the project click here.


Per Hüttner in collaboration with Jean-Louis Huhta - curated by Anne Klontz
Performance – Saturday 4 December kl 19

“There is an invisible and little known force amongst us called ‘The Quantum Police’. They operate internationally and assimilate unnoticed into civilian communities. Their actions strive toward renegotiating the relationship between individual and society and claim that the law, morality and reality are all unique to the inner self.”

For the event at DKTUS, artist Per Hüttner will create a performance based on an anonymous woman’s role as a QP mediator and will include her entire transcribed interview along with videos and music played outside the gallery’s courtyard. In collaboration with Hüttner, musician and DJ, Jean-Louis Huhta will perform using a unique musical score created by Charlie White, an artist who in the late 80s developed a series of performances he called “Interviews” based on conversations with QP founder Johnny Ross. White believed that over time, Ross lost sight of the true meaning behind QP and therefore wanted to re-establish his voice as the strength of the movement. White added a soundtrack to the interviews which were then re-interpreted by a DJ as White performed wearing an LAPD uniform and using materials like glass sheets, halogen lamps and vinyl texts.

A reflection on the event can be found here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Natalia Kamia @ Mors Mössa Gothenburg

Natalia Kamia presents her trans-disciplinary work at Gothenburg's cult gallery Mors Mössa. She will perform live with Martin Nurmi on the first and last days of the exhibition. Kamia also recently performed at Noid Gallery in London.

More info about the two events here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Public discussion at Verkstad - "Upplev Norrköping" or "Poland is Normal"

Time: Thursday 11/11, 6pm
At: Verkstad, Kvarngatan 38, Norrköping.

Eva Arnqvist, artist
Josefina Syssner, researcher at Tema Ethnicity, Linköpings universitet
Kerstin Volminger, the Tourist board of Norrköping
Chaired by : Matilda Bengtsson, curator Verkstad


Also, we want to remind for those of you who have bought your new suits, red ties and who have had their hair cut, to not forget to sign up for our new internship program.

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