Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Program Vision Forum/KSM workshop

Ateljé 2, Kåkenhus, Linköpings universitet, and Verkstad för Konst, Norrköping, September 2-3, 2010

Hello Everybody,

We are looking forward to hosting you all at this two day seminar and offering everyone this opportunity to meet and to exchange ideas and experience.

Thursday September 2
10.00 Arrival and presentation of KSM and Vision Forum - Mattias Åkesson, Anna Berglind and Per Hüttner.
11.00 Anne Klontz – Simultaneity a project at RKIS in Stockholm and Platform China in Beijing with artists from Romania, China and Holland. (http://anneklontz.blogspot.com/)

12-13 Lunch.

13.00 The MA students make their 5 minute presentations.
13.30 Yulia Usova and Viktor Sobiianskyi presents The Invisible Generation, a performative project in public the public space in Kiev. (http://tig-kiev.blogspot.com/)
14.30 Francesca Grossi and Vera Magnioli – Performance Season, the world’s first (?) online performance project. (http://www.performanceseason.com/)
15.30 Laura Guy – Project After S – buried duck eggs art and architecture between Shenzhen and London. (http://laura-guy.blogspot.com/)
16.30 Good TV – This Image Is No More – non object based exhibition about memories in Beijing. (http://visionforum2009.blogspot.com/2010/06/this-image-is-no-more-invisible.html)

17.30-19.00 Break

19.00 – Dinner at Verkstad för konst. (http://www.verkstadkonst.se/)
20.00 – Open bar Verkstad för konst with videos and performaces. (Invite your friends to join!!!)

Friday September 3
9.30 Louise Nilson and Lisa Boström – Travels, two publications about travel in the contemporary art world. (http://lisaandlouise.blogspot.com/)
10.30 Fatos Ustek – London Houses, from museum to retreat in 6 months. (http://visionforum-londonhouses.blogspot.com/)

12.-13 Lunch.

13.00 The Vision Forum students make their 5 minute presentations.

13.30 Geoffrey Lowe – A Constructed World and Speech and What Archive two ongoing projects investigating the nature of communication and audience. (http://speecharchive.blogspot.com/)
14.30 Claire Louise Staunton – Inheritance Shenzhen and New Cities Project
15.30 Summery and reflections - Mattias Åkesson, Anna Berglind and Per Hüttner.


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