Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Invisible Generation publication release in Stockholm, March 8

Vision Forum proudly presents its first major publication the Invisible Generation and invites you to a discussion on performance art in the public space.

Gerrie van Noord (editor, London), Marie Proyart (designer, Paris), Per Hüttner (artist, Paris), Olav Westphalen (artist, Stockholm) Alessandra Sandrolini (curator, Paris and Bologna), Natasha Rosling (artist, London) Klas Eriksson (artist, Stockholm) and Stephen Whitmarsh (researcher, Nijmegen) moderated by Hanna Hannerz (producer, Norrköping).

18.30 Round table discussion on performance in public spaces and the art publication as mediator of artistic content, moderated by Hanna Hannerz.
20.00 Klas Eriksson performance “No one likes us - we don’t care”

The Invisible Generation was a project that focused on non-announced performances taking place in the public and it involved over 30 artists from a dozen countries. The project took its starting point from a series of performative instructions by William S. Burroughs and was curated by Per Hüttner, Yulia Usova and Daniele Balit and took place in Melbourne, Beijing, Shenzhen and Kiev in 2009-10.

Editor Gerrie van Noord has together with graphic designer Marie Proyart tried to convey and translate the performative aspect of the project into the publication which she refers to as a non-catalogue. The group will together discuss how art publications can mediate artwork in a more create ways.

At Knast bar, Upplandsgatan 7, Stockholm , Sweden; 8 March, 6.30pm. Free admission

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