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Double Book Release in Stockholm

Double Book Release - Art, Books & Travels May 17th
Riche, Lilla baren May 17th 5pm - 8pm Birger Jarlsgatan 4, Stockholm

Hu Fang, Lillian Fellman, Marie Husson, Per Hüttner, Louise Höjer, Mako Ishizuka, Anna Kleberg, Björn Kusoffsky, Niklas Lundell, Isin Onol & Alessandra Sandrolini.
Editors: Louise Nilsson & Lisa Boström. Graphic design: Karl dos Santos


On the process of Non-Places: Ufa – Gothenburg – Belgrade, 2005 – 2009
Contributing artists: Kalle Brolin, Marina Ingrid, Charlotte Karlsson, Milena Putnik, Maxim Rusakov & Pia Sandström. Contributing curators: Dina Bulavina, Maja Ciric & Camilla Larsson.
Editor: Camilla Larsson. Graphic design: Leo Norgren

Release program:
Kalle Brolin – video work Roof Girls
Marie Husson - An encounter is like a stroke in a drawing, just a touch off to one side and everything changes
Mako Ishizuka - Rainbow after Rainbow
Anna Kleberg – Cabanon, Timbre
Tomas Nordmark & Louise Nilsson - Sound(e)scaping, a sound journey through the publications.
Pia Sandström - poster This side of the forest longing for the great ocean

About the publications:


Travels is a publication that explores and investigates travels, an activity inseparably connected with art and creativity. Why is travelling so closely connected to the artistic process, career, inspiration and education? The art world has spun the globe ever since the ”Grand Tours” in Europe and travels are still a great part of the practice within the field of contemporary art.
Invited artists, curators, philosophers, designers to contribute with their individual travel stories to the publication; the idea of travels, strategies, plans and thoughts. The stories and reflections are diverse and we have embraced these variations instead of presenting one truth about travelling. How travelling is having an effect on life and reality, regarding both the daily and the once in a lifetime travelling experiences. Each chapter takes you on a different journey, exploring the most puzzling aspects of travelling in a series of beautifully paced stories, both imaginary and realistic.
Exile is a powerful fantasy that also hosts its opposite, because there is no exile without the idea of creating a home. Exile always plays ping-pong with the concept of belonging
Per Hüttner

The global art world, although functioning internationally, has a way of flattening out all edges of difference through its rigid system of representation – of people, ideas,and products. It is a dangerous place in that it emphasizes on sameness, it drastically wants it, needs it, produces it in order to “draw numbers”,be sellable and attractive for a lot and in one glance. We knew enough about that; we played that card daily in our jobs.
Lillan Fellman
A friend of mine told me about a Russian sect obsessed with moving. They believe that the only way to escape from the devil is to keep moving, and they even sleep on public transport to practice their belief. Not that I believe what they believe in, but I understand the fear of being captured by some static power that haunts you and controls your life, which would give you limitations and fixed ideas.
Mako Ishizuka

The Particularities of Place.
On the process of Non-Places: Ufa – Gothenburg – Belgrade, 2005 – 2009

One the most fundamental parameters of human life are places we inhabit and visit throughout our lives, although rarely formed by us as individuals. How can one as an artist work with place as both concept and reality? And if there are any non-places how can we conceive these?
Non-Places is stretched out in time and space. Gathering a group of curators and artists the project has two aims. Firstly, it deals with the notion of place vis-à-vis non-place, that is how these notions have been conceptualized in the arts, the discourse of cultural theory and used in the technocratic formation of western social apparatus. We understand the notion in dynamic terms opening up the discussion, reflection and artistic production for the everyday. And, secondly, in a process-based way the project tries to find alternative working models for artistic production.
Non-Places has been running for six years. During these years the project group has been travelling together, visited each other´s home towns and working together. Within the group one thread of interest has distinguished itself during the working process; that is a deeper reflection on how the intimacy of the particular is negotiated within the larger framework of the general. If you dare to be specific as an artist you can manage to say something important about contemporary life.
The publication presents and discusses the project thematically under the three headlines - To Put into Words what Between the Lines, Because it´s never only about “Non-Places” and City Maps – Mental Maps. The headlines are being used to avoid a linear narration in favour of keeping the spirit of the project prevalent throughout the publication that is emphasizing reflexivity and dialogue.
With exhibitions and discussions, both public and closed, being held in Museum of Contemporary Art in Ufa, Russia 2005, Röda Sten in Gothenburg, Sweden 2006, and part of Belef Belgrade Summer Festival, Serbia 2007. This publication is a compilation of images, artist’s presentation, and a discussion on our collaborative work.

The publications have been generously supported by IASPIS, Swedish Institute, Helge Ax:son Johnsons Foundation, Vision Forum & Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden

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